5,000 Alumni.
Three Decades.

Are You Ready to Join the Next Generation?


Unpresented Times Demand New Thinking

Unprecedented Times Demand New Thinking.

MDCI and CMC have Re-written the Playbook.

For more than thirty years, Management Development Centre International (MDCI) has been redefining the way executive education is delivered in the Middle East and Africa. Now, our focus on enabling transformational leaders has resulted in a new pathway to achieving a UK-accredited MBA.

Guided by CMC’s CEO, Dr Lester Massingham, we bring The Next Generation MBA to the Gulf’s next generation leaders. Start to finish in just 12 months, with a financial investment of just USD 12,000.

We all have history.
Here’s a brief look at ours.

Management Development Centre International


more than 5,000 alumni


working in association with leading UK faculty, colleges, and universities


received the Queen’s Award for Export in Education




MDCI chooses Bahrain as its regional hub to serve the leadership education of Arabia’s career professionals and leaders across all sectors



MDCI launches the first distance-learning MBA programme in the region with UK’s Hull University, from bases in Dubai and Bahrain



MDCI approved as the first MBA provider for Saudi Aramco, and delivers the first on -location MBA in the Sultanate of Oman with the UK’s Lincoln University



MDCI is awarded The Queen’s Award for Export in Education



MDCI starts the region’s first Doctorate in Business Administration on location in the GCC with the Universities of Hull and Lincoln



MDCI delivers first Masters Degree in Security Studies in the GCC with the UK’s University of Reading




MDCI launches the Advanced Management Development Programme in Bahrain in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Meanwhile, in consultation with the British Military Attaché delivered the Hull MBA programme to the Sultan of Oman’s Armed forces as part of Al Yamamah Offset Programme



MDCI appointed the regional agents for the University of South Africa



MDCI delivers Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) on location in Bahrain and Oman with Liverpool John Moores University



The Next Generation MBA goes live, online, launched during the global CoVid-19 lock-down

Your Team

Robert Rice, MDCI Managing Partner

Learning and Rob have been connected from the hip for as long as he can remember. Indeed, for many years he nurtured professionals in the Healthcare sector in his various international roles in the HR and Learning and Development sector.

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Dr. Lester Massingham, CTL MBA Author and Director

Dr Lester’s lifelong career as an International Management Consultant has grown from an initial cost accounting and econometrics platform to designing and achieving Strategic Management solutions for Government Organisations, Multinationals, and SMEs throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Professor James Kirkbride, MDCI Partner

Dr Bright’s academic career has taken him into the halls of numerous UK universities, leaving deep imprints on David, his students and his fellow faculty. Over more than thirty years, he has embraced tenures at Northumbria, Manchester, Durham and Hull, each hailed as among the ‘best of British’.

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Dr David Bright, Consultant Head of Faculty

Dr Bright’s academic career has taken him into the halls of numerous UK universities, leaving deep imprints on David, his students and his fellow faculty.

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Roberto Rice, Head of Programmes, Arabian Gulf and UK

Roberto has lived and worked in the Middle East and Africa for over 20 years. He is particularly fond of the Arabian Gulf and actually called Bahrain ’home’ for many years. He is known for his camaraderie, going that extra mile and more when it comes to supporting students in their studies. He understands the demands on them, often juggling professional careers and family commitments.

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Salam Mohammed, Cohort Manager, Arabian Gulf

Bahrain-based, Salam has been part of the MDCI family since 1995. There is not much Salam doesn’t know about the business of delivering premium management development, under- and postgratuate education.

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Unleashing Leadership Prowess, more than 5,000 times since 1993


In Bahrain since 1993, MDCI has marketed, supported, and administered the on-location delivery of management development, under- and post-graduate programmes from acclaimed academic institutions including the UK’s leading universities such as Hull, Reading and Lincoln to more than 5,000 career professionals.

New Gen

Multi-faceted thinking inspired the design and timing of The Next Generation MBA. For starters, 2020 is an unprecedented year demanding new learning. CMC’s Certificate in Transformational Leadership with the degree from York St John steps in to answer this on many levels. And, we have a notion that our Alumni will be ready to suggest this to their ‘next gen’ family members, friends and team.


Just four years into delivering management development, under- and post-graduate programmes, MDCI received the Queens Award for Export in Education in 1997 acknowledging the British firm’s leading role in the Middle East and Africa. Fast-forward more than two decades and MDCI’s programmes have been attended by leaders at multiple levels across multiple sectors, including Ministerial, C-Suite, as well as entrepreneurs attracting mega acquisitions, mergers and listings.

Appreciation from our Alumni

I would never have got to where I am today, without my MBA. The programme not only enabled me to hone my general management skills but challenged me to become a better leader.

Fahad Al Furaih,

VP Human Resources
Schneider Electric

Without a doubt the programme was a major factor in developing my career. Now I am more confident, I have found that my efficiency at work has greatly improved and I have also learnt to better manage my own time.

Hassan Al Mannai,


The MBA gave me the opportunity to study areas of business that I may not have had the chance to discover at my workplace. I found every aspect very effective in helping me confidently tackle business challenges.

Khalid Al Bakry,

VP Logistics

Hull University, the MDCI faculty, and my cohort proved such a powerful mix. I left every module equipped with new modeling that I swiftly integrated into client solutions, as well as my own business. An awesome experience.

Susan Furness,

Advisory Board

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