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LTC Why should you attend?

Why should you attend?

  • Accelerate your thinking skills
  • Sharpen your thinking patterns
  • Contribute more meaningfully to management discussions and decision making
  • Develop your communication skills for Leading
  • Improve your ability to think things through
  • Network with people who have the same ambition

Who should attend?

  • Companies and Government linked organisations seeking to develop leadership talent.
  • Business Owners seeking to discover new approaches to thinking for sustainability and growth.
  • Executives committed to Continuing Professional Development to make a leadership difference in performance at work.

Delivery detail

This 2 day programme is delivered face to face online, in real time. It is designed to unlock leadership thinking potential, regardless of industry context and managerial level, to enhance the ability to think purposefully in order to influence others and to lead the way forward.

Delivered outcomes on this programme

All participants will:

  • Achieve a unique formula to unlock their thinking potential for Leadership
  • Attain insight into different ways of thinking essential for leadership development
  • Improve thinking competency for workplace application
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