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This unique online training course provides speedy and effective preparation for your Doctoral studies to help you “hit the ground running.”

The course will be of help to potential Doctoral students (PhD, DBA, D.Ed., Professional Doctorates). It will be of particular benefit to students from the fields of Business and Management, Social Science, Law and Politics. Specifically designed to target the UK, USA, Canadian Australia and New Zealand, Universities’ programmes.

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How the Course Works

Delegates to the DPP will be led online by experienced UK University tutors. The tutors all have substantial experience in guiding doctorate students to a successful conclusion. Similarly, the tutors are skilled in leading online discussions. All delegates receive free access to Microsoft Teams for Education including Microsoft 365.

Block One

The first block will be for the equivalent of a 3-day period. This is offered as three days spread over 6 weeks. It will be an online programme and will focus initially on students in the Middle East and China, although students from any location are welcome.

Block Two

The second block will involve the assignment of an experienced tutor from our bank of experienced Doctoral staff who will guide each student as they construct their research proposal.

Programme Content

The programme concentrates on the culture and the processes of University Research Degrees but will not provide training in the English Language.

Block One


  • The nature of a Doctoral programme in the UK, USA and Canada
  • What the supervisors are there for
  • How to consider the research context
  • What is required in the Literature Review
  • What conceptual framework has been selected
  • What is a conceptual model


  • Approaches to Research Methodology
  • Research Philosophy
  • Deductive and inductive thinking
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies
  • Constructing research questions
  • SPSS and related techniques
  • Mixed-Method research
  • Grounded Theory


  • What are Upgrade sessions and Annual Reviews
  • What is meant by “contribution to knowledge” and “contribution to practice
  • Reference List and Appendices
  • How does the Viva work
  • Dealing with the Viva decision

Block Two

This is the supervision of your individual research proposal by an experienced Doctoral tutor. There will be equivalent to one day of personal interaction between you and your individual supervisor. This will result in a structured research proposal, which can be sent to Universities in the UK, USA, Canada Australia and New Zealand.

The typical Research Proposal is normally of 1000 words and written in English.

  • Research Aim
  • Research Objectives
  • Research Questions
  • Conceptual framework
  • Hypothesis if applicable
  • Anticipated timeframe
  • GANNT Chart
  • Potential Limitations
  • Central Theme Running Through
DPP Block two

Programme Tutors

The programme will be tutored by a team of experienced UK University lecturers, led by Dr David Bright, Visiting Fellow at the University of Hull. MDCI will manage the logistics, recruitment and student support.

Entry requirements

Students should possess a master’s degree level qualification and for non-native English speakers an IELTS score of 6.5 (or equivalent) with no single element being less than 6.0.

Programme Fees

US$ 4750

Payable before the start of the programme. Early bird discounts may apply.

Programme fees include:

  • Programme induction
  • Microsoft Teams for Education
  • Microsoft 365
  • Tuition Block One
  • Supervision Block Two
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need a Postgraduate (Masters) degree to join this course?

Yes, you need a Postgraduate qualification

2) Do I need to have an MBA to do this course?

No-just a relevant Master’s degree

3) Can I sign up for only one day in Block One?

Sorry you can’t. You will need to attend for the three days of Block One to gain a full understanding of aspects of Doctorate study

4) Do I have to do Block 2?

We recommend that you attend both Blocks?

5) Is the whole course delivered on-line?

Yes, it is

6) What are the course dates?

Day 1               Day 2                      Day 3

8th May           15th May                 29th May

&) Who will be delivering the course?

It will be delivered by members of a team supervised by Dr. David Bright, Visiting Fellow of the University of Hull, UK

9) What Doctoral experience do the tutors have?

All have themselves been awarded a Doctoral qualification and have experience of supervising students to completion and examining Doctoral Theses. Dr. David Bright, for example, has supervised over 25 Doctoral students to completion and has examined another 60 Theses

10) Will I get a qualification after doing this course?

MDCI will provide a Certificate for all completing students. MDCI is currently talking with a number of UK Universities to ascertain if these Universities will validate this programme

11) Are there any fee reductions available?

Yes-MDCI/MBA graduates will receive a reduced fee. Attendees of MDCI DPP presentation with receive a reduced fee. Early payers will receive a reduced fee.

12) How many times will the course run?

We anticipate holding the course three times per year

13) Does completing the course give me acceptance by a University for Doctoral study.

Sorry-we can’t offer that, but by doing the course we are confident that you will have a much better chance of being accepted by Universities.

14) What else will I receive from attending the preparation programme?

You will also receive a recommendation letter signed by Dr. David Bright which should help you with applying to a University.

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