Why sponsor an employee to study an EMBA?

succession planning

It won't be the first or last time member of management asks why should our organisation sponsor an employee for professional and personal development.

A thoughtful and succession planning approach to sponsoring an individual to study an EMBA can lead to gains for the individual and potentially to the organisation and his or hers colleagues which could lead to employee retention and job satisfaction - what price can you put on this?

Below are some of the many gains of supporting an employee to complete his or her EMBA studies;

  • A motivated and determined employee
  • A greater ability to lead, manage and motivate your staff
  • An employee who feels like he / she has the support of his management and colleagues
  • A confident employee who will be keen to practice what he / she has learnt
  • A business leader who has all the skills to help his / her company to be successful
  • Every six weeks the employee will be coming back with new knowledge and experience from his module (x12)
  • The business-academic blend of the programme is developed and taught by a dynamic mix of business experts and academic thinkers, bringing new thinking into the workplace
  • The candidates experience will enhance his or her professional development and it’s organisation's progression, skills, systems and management
  • A new, holistic appreciation of your company will mean you can contribute to achieving a sustainable competitive position in today's changing business environment
  • The EMBA Project will provide your company with a valuable piece of research and consultancy that is tailored specifically to its needs
  • Better communication and team building skills
  • The Employee will be studying with high-calibre students who provide an excellent opportunity to expand your professional network of contacts and expertise

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