Marketing Communication in a Digital World MBA (B31)

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The University of Hull MBA students in Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for the B31 intake (and locally supported by MDCI) will be having their next module (Complex project management) between the 4th – 7th March 2015 in Bahrain. The lecturer will be Dr Haseeb A Shabbir from the University of Hull Business School.


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Haseeb A Shabbir (mdw)

Dr Haseeb originally worked as an associate marketing consultant for NfPSynergy (http://www.nfpsynergy.net2 ), the largest non-profit marketing ‘think tank’ in Europe. At NfpSynergy one of Haseeb's role was to guide charities on understanding the barriers to giving behaviour. Haseeb finished his PhD in marketing from the University of Leeds in 2007 on Relationship Fundraising, a large scale empirical investigation understanding what drives donors to become more loyal to charity. Haseeb has worked with several international and national charities on donor development.

Since 2007 he has served as a lecturer at the University of Leeds and since 2011 as a Senior Lecturer in Hull University Business School. Haseeb is also a visiting scholar at WU Executive Academy, Austria and the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, University of Plymouth, UK.

Currently, Haseeb is working on deconstructing racism in contemporary British ads with Professor Mike Hyman from New Mexico State University, and on mapping perceptions of child abuse by the British public. He also has on-going projects on philanthropic psychology with professors Adrian Sargent and Jen Shang from the Centre of Sustainable Philanthropy, University of Plymouth, UK.

Haseeb is co-module manager of the Social and Not for Profit marketing module, which is part of the University of Hull’s UG marketing teaching team, recently ranked 1st in the UK for student satisfaction (National Student Satisfaction Survey, 2014). Recently, Haseeb was appointed as one of the National Examiners for the Institute of Fundraising, the UK’s umbrella body for the training and development of professional fundraisers. He also is an honorary recipient of the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising, the world’s most advanced training qualification for professional fundraisers.


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Wednesday:  21st January 2015         2pm – 10pm
Thursday :    22nd January 2015        2pm – 10pm
Friday:          23rd January 2015          9am – 7pm
Saturday:     24th January 2015          9 am – 7 pm


[to-item title="Things to remember"]  

Assignment questions must always be attached to your assignment.  Remember to write your name, enrolment number on the course work assignment sheet.

Delay submission of assignment or failure to sit the exam has to be informed in prior.

Applicable only for mitigating circumstances. Code 200 or failure would be declared in any other case except the above.

Tutor name should be clearly written on the course work assignment sheet along with the assignment title.

Enrolment number and MDCI number should always be indicated in all your communication.

Library- Ref books are available but a limited number please return them within 10 days to enable your fellow students to read them.

Fees: please ensure that you pay your fees in advance.  Please note that the University has a strict rules and regulations concerning the payment of instalments.

Please fill out the course Evaluation sheets at the end of the module.  These will be distributed by your class representative and should be returned to him.



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