Why invest in me and Why now?

Why invest in me?

  • Justify your worth for the investment. Demonstrate this with an up to date resume/Curriculum Vitae or your internal performance monitoring report
  • Obtain managerial support. Value is added if your proposal for an MBA sponsorship comes via appraisal, your line manager/director or a company mentor
  • Map topics and/or modules to your current job role and likely progression route. Link this to objectives in your internal performance monitoring report or personal development plan
  • Outline how you can share your new skills through knowledge transfer to peers and colleagues in your organisation and how they will benefit from application in their job role
  • Draw on feedback and praise that demonstrates your commitment to your job and loyalty to the company

Why invest now?

  • Quality teaching, convenient delivery and practical application in a unique study method of practice-based, action learning
  • Professionally locally supported by MDCI who have supported busy professionals for over twenty five years in the region
  • What you learn today, you can implement immediately – creating instant results in the workplace
  • Develop a range of short term and long term benefits linked to current business objectives and activity
  • Outline the advantages to be gained from your involvement in the programme and your association with other participants
  • Business know how and solutions tapped into from EMBA colleagues from outside of your organisation to deal with business issues that you are handling in your workplace
  • Describe how new knowledge could help improve business performance in current challenging/prosperous business environment to give an edge against competitors

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