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Major groups of Universities led by the USA and UK are offering approved courses online and for free - quite a development! They evidently are more confident in both the technology and learning outcomes. In fact in the most recent US Department of Education final report on Online Learning, it clearly concludes the evolution towards Blended learning and the richness of the results.

Click the following link to view or download the report: final_report_online_learning

It is more evidence that learning with Universities is undergoing the biggest development change in recent times. Here is a brief video explaining how it works:

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MDCI is indebted to Curtis J. Bonk, PhD Professor of Instructional Systems Technology in the School of Education at Indiana University, for his work in the field of Learning Technology and his permission to use this excellent video.

Details of the Professor's new book, 'The World is Open', can be found It is now available as a Kindle download and in Arabic translation.

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