Systemic Management module delivered in Bahrain by Dr. Musthapa Koriba (The University of Hull Business School)

Systemic Management module delivered in Bahrain by Dr. Musthapa Koriba (The University of Hull Business School)

Systematic management group photo Feb 2016

Systemic Management’ – a module that will challenge traditional ways to understand, talk about and manage organisations!

Part of the ‘Managing Strategically’ theme, this module addresses what it means to adopt a systemic approach to management. Not only it will provide you with tools to observe and manage complexity in organisations, but it will also help students to complement the other themes that you are learning in the MBA, like managing people, processes and knowledge.

At the beginning of the module, students review main challenges to deal with messiness and complexity that managers experience in their daily life. Through experiential learning, discover the core systemic and complexity concepts and begin to feel the way they can illuminate understanding of core management challenges.

Students revisited the history of development of systems and complexity sciences, and learn why traditional management approaches sometimes offer quick fixes that deal with problems in the short term, but do not address complex situations in a more holistic or systemic way - which may have impact in the long term viability of the organisation.

Students learnt about their roles as observers in an organisation, the challenges of dealing with conflict, uncertainty and complexity in organisations; also about the importance of dialogue, and the idea of systemic interventions.

Group members found out more about the main systemic and complexity approaches that offer insights to management sciences and management practice. By studying in each of them, paradigmatic assumptions, insights to organisational learning and particular ways to dealing with complexity, develop a more systemic understanding of organisations and their management. By the end of the module reflection on a systemic way of dealing with strategic management, which will help to summarise and synthesize the learning from different systemic approaches.

Throughout the module case studies and examples of real life systemic interventions to progress students understanding of the type of systemic approach and analyses that may help to overcome specific organisational needs and situations.

About the Lecturer

Dr Mustapha has held Vice-President and Director Roles with large Global companies. He has worked in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East and Africa.

He has coached and trained over a 1000 leaders and managers in Strategy, Operations and Supply Change Management, Leadership and Change Management.

The next module for B34 will be Leadership & Organizational Change (LOC) in April 2016.

*Taken from the University of Hull MBA study guide for systematic management

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