Prof David Grant discussing Supply chain and Operations Management 14th-17th February 2018

Prof David Grant discussing Supply chain and Operations Management 14th-17th February 2018

Students on the University of Hull Executive MBA intake 36 delivered on location in Bahrain, will be welcoming their next lecturer Professor David Grant who will be discussing and providing expert insight into Supply Chain and Operations management between 14th-17th February 2018.

The course considers firms in both the manufacturing and service sectors, and a particular focus of the course is the improvement of operations.

The  aim of this module is:

  1. To offer students a critical introduction to core concepts of supply chain and operations management for both service sector and manufacturing industries.
  2. To provide students with analytical tools that will allow them to measure performance in the supply chain.
  3. To encourage students to engage in discussion, critical analysis and reflective evaluation of complex, unstructured contemporary supply chain and operations problems
  4. To allow students to locate operations management as a global, strategic concern.

All students need to use this module handbook with reference to the Generic Module Handbook that contains general information and guidance about learning, teaching and assessment within the Business School.

Professor David B Grant is Professor of Logistics at Hull University Business School (HUBS) and formerly the Director of the Logistics Institute (2009-12) and Associate Dean (Business Engagement) (2013-14).

Since 2015, he has also been Professor of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility, Department of Marketing, Hanken School of Economics, Finland.

His visiting appointments include Aalto University, Finland; Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur, France; Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria; Aix-Marseille Université, France; University of Oulu, Finland.

Academic Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Commerce and MBA, University of Calgary
  • MSc by Research (with Distinction) and PhD* University of Edinburgh.

*Doctoral thesis investigated customer service, satisfaction and service quality in UK food processing logistics and received the James Cooper Memorial Cup PhD Award from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) in 2003.


  • Logistics customer service quality and satisfaction
  • Retail logistics
  • Reverse, closed-loop and sustainable logistics
  • Integration of logistics and marketing
  • Research methodologies and techniques

Research Group:

Professor Grant is an Associate of the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies at the University of Hull and Member of the Humanitarian Logistics (HUMLOG) Institute at Hanken School of Economics.

He is also a Member of the UK Logistics Research Network (LRN); the Nordic logistics research group NOFOMA; and the British Retail Consortium’s Storage and Distribution Technical Advisory Committee

*Note to students from Prof Grant

The files have been published this Canvas site, and provide the following information to supplement those uploads and give you a heads-up on what is expected in two weeks.

Under the Files folder on the left-hand menu you will find several folders containing: full-size, colour PDF files of all slides in the six module sessions (no need to print as you can download them); some industry reports and conference papers that are background reading (again, no need to print as you can download them); three-to-a-page, black and white PDF files as hand-outs (Cora will print for you); PDF files of the five in-class cases or exercises we will use (again, Cora will print); and a PDF file of quick-reference module notes and the 100% assessment comprising an individual assignment (again, Cora will print).

You must read the five in-class cases and exercise before coming to class...! We have a full schedule and thus there will be little time for in-class reading of these items. Any other in-class materials will be distributed in-class at the appropriate time.

There are two textbooks for the module to fill-in any background to our in-class discussions. They are available as e-books through the University library so you can consult them but it is not necessary to read any chapters in advance.

There are also several journal articles recommended as background reading and I have given you the Digital Object Identifier (doi:) number to access again through the university library. However, Cora has e-copies that you can consult on-site.

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