MBA Briefing 17th February 2018 (Episode II)

MBA Briefing 17th February 2018 (Episode II)

On Saturday 17th February a mixed group of professionals from Bahrain and Saudi enjoyed and befitted from the latest University of Hull (UK) and MDCI EMBA briefing. They befitted from hearing about the latest developments from a leading Professor in Logistics from the University of Hull Logistics institute.

Attendees also heard from leading speakers from Bahrain regarding Human Resource Management (HRM), strategy and a graduate’s story from Olena Sokova of how the Hull MBA programme changed and improved her life.

Prof David Grant from University of Hull Logistics Institute

Participant were given an insight by Prof Grant into Operation design consideration, CSR and Sustainability, Risk management, quality management, warehousing and inventory management.

One interesting example was the concept of global journey and miles taken for an average Christmas meal to the UK.

Dr. Salman Ebrahim Al Fardan brought an energetic and interactive discussion concerning the ‘H’ Factor which covers human resources – covering HRM, HCM, performance management and the journey from PM to SHRM.

Participants found out more about HRM starting off with ‘What is HRM?’

One answer to the question above is; A formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work. CIPD


Christopher John Lewis shared his experiences of management and strategy with the group.

Participants heard about the importance of having a clear corporate vision, mission, core goals and core values.

Chris shared his experience of his new role in his organisation and how the corporate strategy planning and management is being successfully in engaging staff, developing and growing the organisation.

Chris gave the example of knowing your strengths and understanding your customers using the example of Parker Pens – they are not in the Pen industry but in the Gift industry!

MDCI would like to thank the speakers for their time and sharing their experiences and knowledge with the participants.

If you would like to keep in the loop with the MBA briefing and attend further sessions or are interested in joining MDCI’s panel of speakers, please contact MDCI.

I would like to attended the next MBA briefing
I would like to speak at the next MBA briefing


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