MBA Graduation 18th January 2018

MBA Graduation 18th January 2018

Ahmed Al Rahbi Oman graduate (5) August 2014








MDCI would like to congratulate it's latest batch of University of Hull MBA Graduates from across the Gulf Region who will be graduating on the 18th January 2018. A number of new graduates will be attending the graduation in Hull and the reminding students are graduating in absentia. Graduates will be joining a large number of other professionals from across the global who have obtained this prestigious qualification as well as other graduates in the GCC region.

For those attending the graduation the following link maybe helpful to making the most of your graduation and your time in Hull.

For those graduates who are unable to attend the graduation or have friends or family graduating you'll be happy to know that's there's live streaming of the event.

Hull University Business School is committed to supporting graduates as they progress their career journey following their time at Hull. Through its online community HUBSConnects the school offers a range of career resources and information as well as networking opportunities to enable graduates to continue their professional development wherever they are located and whatever their business. Membership is free and registration is easy simply visit For further information contact Laura Hopton, Alumni Manager via email at

MDCI would like to wish it's new graduates all the best (and please stay in touch) for the next stage of their careers and lives.

The next intake in will start on the 2nd April 2018 for Bahrain.

To find out more about the University of Hull MBA, please contact MDCI


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