University of Hull EMBA exploring Strategic Management 5th-8th July

University of Hull EMBA exploring Strategic Management 5th-8th July

Students on the University of Hull Executive MBA intake 35 delivered on location in Bahrain, will be welcoming their next lecturer Chris Mortimer who will be investigating <em> Strategic Management  </em> module between the 5th-8th July.

‘Strategic Management’ is an EMBA module that will challenge you to not just know about strategy but to actually be a strategic thinker! We define a strategic thinker as someone who is creative in developing strategic options, usually in the organizational context, and can use a range of tools of analysis to make appropriate choices between those options.

Being a strategic thinker is no small feat as they are expected to be able to capitalize on strengths, minimize weaknesses, anticipate opportunities and be alert to potential emergent threats.

The need to be able to think strategically is a key competence for managers in today’s complex interconnected world but, in the absence of one best way of developing strategy based on an accepted tool set, a critical approach is necessary. Such an approach requires you to not only commit to developing a sound theoretical knowledge of strategic management theory but also to be mindful of the need for informed practice in the context of real-world application.

Hence this module will introduce students to key theories, concepts and tools of strategic management and, along the way, draw in and synthesise learning from your previous managerial experience, wider reading and other modules on the EMBA programme.

The module contributes to the ‘Big Ideas’ that define our EMBA in a number of ways: our approach is essentially pluralistic as we discuss how different schools of thought on strategic management have developed and the various lenses through which strategic management can be viewed; we seek to promote connected thinking through a holistic approach to strategic management that makes links to a range of business functions and academic disciplines; and, in considering implementation issues, we acknowledge the social and political factors that impact on the success of the strategic management effort.

We hope that this module introduces students to new ways of thinking about strategy making and, in so doing, makes a valuable educational contribution to your EMBA programme of study.

How would one summarise the Strategic Management module?

I am drawn to a famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein: “You cannot change problems created by your old patterns of thought with your old patterns of thought”.  This captures the rationale of the Strategic Management module.  The 21st-century business environment is littered with examples of failed strategic thinking (Chris Mortimer - I myself have failed several times,) and new approaches are required.  The module will help you reflect on conventional ways of thinking – ‘the old patterns of thought’ - and develop new perspectives.

With this in mind, students will be exploring the various concepts, frameworks and theories that have helped – and hindered – managers to date.  Students will have ample opportunity to share your own experiences; indeed, I would encourage you to do so.  The group will be experimenting with the techniques that we learn with activities, group work and presentations.  Chris Mortimer encourages students to throw yourself in, contribute, make mistakes and, if possible, enjoy the experience.


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