Economics Environment with Dr. Raymond Swaray

Economics Environment with Dr. Raymond Swaray

Students from the University of Hull Executive MBA intake 36, will be find out more regarding Economics Environment 10th-13th May 2017 with Dr. Raymond Swaray.

Business does not take place in isolation.  Every business is a part of, and is affected by, its environment.  The state of the economy determines how much money people have to spend on its products.  Political factors can determine the rates of taxation on profits, and regulation of business activities.  Social trends can determine which products are becoming more popular, and which less popular, over time.  Advances in technology allow firms to introduce new products and ways of working, while threatening firms that do not.  Globalisation implies that firms have to consider the environment not just in their own country but in many other countries where they might find new markets – or new competitors.

This module helps you analyse the business environment from an economic perspective.  It provides a broad introduction to the main concepts and approaches of economics in a national and international context, with a particular focus on their applications and relevance to business and the public sector. It also locates the economic analysis clearly in the wider business environment, including its political, social, demographic, technical and legal aspects.

This module will open students’ eyes to the range of issues that businesses must consider when planning for the future.  It enables students to identify environmental factors that could affect business, for better or for worse, to decide on whether they would have a small or a large impact, and to assign a probability to their occurrence.  Once students have done that, you will know whether it is important to take action in response to these factors.

Students can refer to their materials provided by Cora and any further questions please contact MDCI.

For people who are interested in joining the next intake Executive MBA intake will start in Bahrain this November please contact MDCI.

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