Dr. Ashish Dwivedi (HUBS) delivering Complex Project Management

Dr. Ashish Dwivedi (HUBS) delivering Complex Project Management

“A project is a unique venture with a beginning and an end, conducted by people to meet established goals within parameters of cost, schedule and quality”. Buchanan and Boddy (1992)

Students on the University of Hull Executive MBA intake 35 delivered on location in Bahrain, will be welcoming their next lecturer Dr Ashish Dwivedi discussing and providing expert insight into Complex Project Management between 8th-11th November 2017.

This is a module intended to provide both the tools and techniques of this unique discipline, and academic debate about its role within contemporary business. For those with previous project management experience, be prepared to share that experience and gain fresh insights. For those with no previous experience, you will have the opportunity to learn from your peers as well as staff, and gain a ‘toolkit’ for future use during your career.

The module contributes to the ‘Five Big Ideas’ that define’s the MBA in a number of ways: We discuss various lenses through which Project Management leadership can be viewed, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective; the impact that Project Management leadership has on all aspects of organisational life at all levels within the organisational structure is explored; we debate the channels through which Project Management can exert their influence, and indeed, are influenced; finally, the notion of the importance of understanding that a business must deal fairly with various project management stakeholders such as stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and community is debated so as to prepare Hull MBA students to plan, organize, lead, participate in, control, and improve projects that will benefit both their organizations and society.

“Project Management…the application of knowledge,skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholder’s needs and expectations from a project”. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (1996)

Critical and independent thinking

The module’s seminars will include several debate-based activities where students can:

  • Defend ideas confidently when constructively challenged by others
  • Challenge accepted practices or ideas with reasoned arguments
  • Be able to think critically and to evaluate arguments and propose solutions to challenges


The module includes a practical-based assessment where students can develop important attributes of self-management, like:

  • Managing own time
  • Effectively manage pressure

Core Knowledge in Managing Projects

Students will gain an understanding of how project managers approach and solve problems through research, scholarship and practice and the key global issues that ties project practice and affect global, national and local communities.

MDCI would like to remind students that they should be on time and attend the full module to get the most out of the module with Dr Ashish Dwivedi and met the requirements of the University.

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