Bahrain intake 34 final module with Dr. Andrew Taylor

Bahrain intake 34 final module with Dr. Andrew Taylor

The majority of the students have now completed the taught phase of their studies with this final module Complexity and Network Thinking. They will now be focusing on their dissertation – a project of 20,000 which is supervised by a UK based member of the University.

During the Complexity and Network Thinking module students found out more about the internet and advances in information and communications are implicated in the emergence of the network economy and the network society. Greater connectivity and access to increased variety and volume of information enable new and complex forms of organisation embodying distributed network structures and processes, and give rise to a complex competitive landscape.

The students were able to listen and found out more from the guest speaker; Prof. David Snowden (Founder of Cognitive Edge). He was Director (EMEA) of IBM’s Institute for Knowledge Management and also of IBM’s Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity. He is generally recognised as an industry thought leader in knowledge management.

He developed the Cynefin model during his ground-breaking work with alternative narratives over the past four years. The most recent developments with Cynefin come from a two-year project that was funded by the US government to deal with asymmetric threat. The project used complexity theory and narrative to create a radically new approach to policy formation in public and private sector organisations.

To complete the students weekend they had a cake present to the group on behalf of MDCI and the University.

Nidal Idriss (Bahrain 34, role, company) experiences of the EMBA;

Recalling the past 18 months, how quickly the time has gone. What I learned out of those modules and of being part of this programme is way above my expectations. That’s obviously affected my way of seeing things around me in terms of business and my personal life. I learnt more about setting targets for the sake of clarity and providing more win-win situations.

Thanks for all MDCI members and a big thanks to University of Hull to make this possible for me to move forward.

On behalf of University, MDCI would like to wish students from Intake 34 all the best with their dissertations.

The next University of Hull Executive MBA intake 37 will be starting in Bahrain at the end of November 2017.

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