Accelerate your career within your organisation webinar – 17th March 2015

Accelerate your career within your organisation webinar – 17th March 2015

MDCI would like to remind MBA students and graduates of the Hull University Business School regarding the online seminar (webinar)  in association with The Career Farm Ltd is delighted to present one of a series of online career seminars (webinars) part of its HUBSConnects scheme.

Successful leaders take a strategic approach not only to managing the business but also to proactively managing their career.  They know what they want and have a clear strategy about how to achieve it.

During this webinar Antoinette Oglethorpe – an experienced leadership and career coach – will introduce you to strategies, tools and techniques to help you gain control of your career and achieve success. She will cover

  • what ‘taking control of your career’ means and why it’s important
  • your starting point - understanding yourself and what you want
  • ‘now what?’ - strategies for taking charge and shaping your career


The webinar uses Blackboard Collaborate 11 as its platform for delivery. Systems requirements for its use can be found here at Blackboard Collaborate.

It is highly recommended that users test their computer systems capabilities to use the software before registering for the webinar. This can be done by going to support at Blackboard Collaborate and follow the steps shown. The page also provides likes to detailed support information.

Click here to reserve your place.

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