In today’s fast paced business world an MBA is seen as the pinnacle of learning for many executives from both the private and public sectors. However, many people do not have the time or other resources to commit this lengthy process.

The Masterclass Gold is the answer; designed and led by experienced, international MBA tutors, all currently involved in programmes worldwide. This intensive training programme enables you to gain a deep insight into the MBA ‘system’ and to take away useful knowledge and skills that you can implement immediately in your organisation.

To utilise the managerial and business experience of the participants as training medium, in line with current MBA thinking. To provide a programme of modules and an overall programme of the Masterclass Gold which provide/s the participants with a useful tool box of skills that can be implemented in their organisations.

In General To provide an intensive summarised version of a contemporary MBA programme, for practising managers in the Middle East. Specifically To provide participants with an up-to-date view of the typical key areas covered by an MBA degree.To provide the participants with experience of teaching styles and processes to be found on a Western MBA degree.

The Process

The Programme comprises 4 one-day modules. The 4 day Masterclass Gold is generalist in nature and will take you through the following modules, all relevant to today’s business and organisational environment, including:

1. Managing in a global context

  • Personal and professional development
  • International business Management and organisational learning
  • Introducing management development in relation to personal effectiveness, cultural diversity, management thinking, organisational life and individuals as change agents

2. Managing relationships

  • Human resource management
  • Leadership and organisational change
  • International and comparative HRM
  • Focuses on internal and external stakeholders, bringing together strategy and practice in the management of human resources and an understanding of the wider business environment and its impact on business performances

3. Managing the value chain

  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Integrating marketing communications
  • Provides a holistic and critical perspective on the key changes and trends which have taken place in marketing and the management of business operations in recent years.

4. Managing knowledge

  • Accounting and finance for managers
  • Financial decision making
  • Investigates how to identify what knowledge is relevant, how best to acquire it (and how to cope when it is not available), and how to put it to use so that it genuinely contributes to the analysis of complex problems and to effective decision making.

5. Managing strategically

  • Complex project management
  • Strategic management
  • Business Technology Management
  • Builds a perspective that takes account the business organisation as a whole, its purpose and strategic development, in order to inform managerial decision making.

What are the benefits of the Masterclass Gold?

Executives with a few years supervisory and/or business experience who have not undertaken a full MBA programme. Those Executives who would like to participate in a “sampler” programme, while thinking about possibly doing an MBA at a later date. Executives from all sectors in the Gulf region; the private sector, the public sector, not for profit organisations. The programme will also help you decide if a full MBA is necessary for your long term career development.

The Results

At the same time you will develop new skills and knowledge of immediate benefit to your organisation especially in terms of: Management and Leadership Human Resource Development Strategy and tactics Key Financial terminology.

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Are all experienced, senior UK University teachers, all of whom continue to contribute to full and part-time MBA programmes around the world. They are led by David Bright B.A.(Hons), M.Sc.(Econ), Ph.D, M.CIPD, who has led, taught and developed UK University MBA programmes for over 30 years. David has also teaches on programmes in Europe, the Middle and Far East.

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