Renewable Energy Programme


Renewable Energy is major area of economic growth and policy relevance in the Middle East and internationally. This programme introduces delegates to the range of Renewable Energies and then focusses on wind and solar power, the two resources which have huge potential in the Middle East. Delivered by a world expert in this field, and fully supported by MDCI, the first programme will run in early 2019 in Bahrain.

This Principles of Renewable Energy Programme is designed for business and industry delegates requiring an overview but with a detailed treatment of Wind and Solar power. It will also be useful to public sector and government delegates.

Business Focussed

Programme Support

The Programme is fully supported by MDCI staff on site and from their offices. All delegates also received the Programme lectures and models and copies of the support material and Programme text book.

MDCI is planning advanced programmes in wind and solar power for 2019.

The Programme is delivered over four days and each day is divided into two x 45 minute lectures followed by discussion in the morning, a computer simulation based practical after lunch and then a final 45 minute afternoon lecture, followed by discussion and review. The syllabus for the four days is as follows:

Day 1: Introduction

On the first day, the basic principles of energy and power are introduced within a global context and each of the Renewable Energies is examined


2.Energy and Power

3.Business Modelling Practical

4.The Renewable Energies

Day 2: Wind Power

On the second day, the basic principles of wind power and the wind power turbines are introduced and explained within a local and global context

1.Underlying Principles

2.Wind Turbines

3.Boundary Layers Modelling Practical

4.Wind Resource Analysis

Day 3: Solar Power

On the third day, the basic principles of solar power and the PV and thermal technologies are introduced and explained within a local and global context

1.Underlying Principles

2.Solar Technologies

3.Solar Variation Modelling Practical

4.Resource Analysis

Day 4: The Renewable Energy Business

On the fourth day, the business structure of Renewable Energy companies is examined in detail and future developments within a local and global context are examined.

1.Business Structure

2.Funding, Finance and Subsidies

3.Modelling Practical

4.Future Developments

The Programme is presented by Jack Hardisty, Professor of Environmental Physics at the University of Hull, England. Professor He has 15 years experience of research and consultancy in Renewable Energy and is Programme Director for the University’s MSc Renewable Energy.

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