Leadership coaching and mentoring


Coaching is fast becoming one of the most important developmental performance enhancing processes available to business today.  Coaching activity is relevant across all sectors of business.

Research evidence shows that coaching improves:

  • Motivation and morale
  • Business Performance
  • Policy Implementation
  • Knowledge and Skills Development
  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Succession Planning

The Programme options;

1. Coaching skills for managers and leaders (One Day)

coaching and mentoring

This one day taster introduces key coaching skills and process and provides and opportunity to practice them.

Purpose: To develop an understanding of coaching practice and the impact on organisational and individual performance.


Understand the strategic significance of coaching Understand, practice and demonstrate a coaching process, Understand and Demonstrate the key skills of coaching

Pre-work:  You are asked to come prepared to discuss work related issues with other participants..

Programme Details

  • Why are we here and what do we want to achieve?
  • What is coaching?
  • How does it fit with business strategy?
  • Why is it powerful?
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • The 3 stage model
  • Practical work
  • Action planning and close

2. Solution focused leadership and business development (Four day programme)


Most leadership models are disempowering of leaders and in turn, of followers! These models expect that you will be a hero, be perfect, and be able to change your attitudes and behaviours to suit the moment or simply transform people into super men or women with peak performance – overnight!  Most of us know that it just isn’t like that because we live leadership daily.

Change and innovation are central to organizational progress. Leadership is a key to achieving change and innovation. As leaders, we have two choices, we can analyse the problems or we could seek solutions.

Solution Focussed Leadership

Solution focused leadership is about seeking solutions that will last.

The Programme

The Programme is delivered over four days with a very practical, hands-on approach.


To explore solution focussed leadership to generate workable personal action plans to apply the learning to your own situation.


  • Identify and list the applications of the learning through ‘live’ issues relevant to yourself and your situation.
  • Demonstrate solution focussed leadership skills using a ‘solution focussed’ process framework.
  • Understand and explain your own behaviour and that of others differently and use this to develop more effective leadership strategies in your own context.
  • Develop a personal and relevant action plan to take the learning from this event forward into your own situation.


You are  asked to come with some examples of leadership challenges you have experienced to work on with other people.  Be prepared to discuss these using the solution focussed approach either in a large or small group of participants.

Days of programmes and areas covered and discussed

Day 1: How do I work with myself?
Day 2: How do I work with my team?
Day 3: How do I work with my team? (contd)
Day 4: How do I work with my bosses?

Your facilitator

Bob Garvey Picture

Professor Bob Garvey is a leading academic practitioners in coaching, mentoring and leadership development. Described as a ‘thought leader’, Bob offers a critical perspective on leadership. He has an impressive record of research, teaching and consultancy in a range of different national and international organisations and he is in demand as a lively and sometimes controversial keynote speaker.  He is widely published particularly in the area of coaching and mentoring and he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

For further information please contact MDCI on +973 17216002 or bahrain @mdciedu.com for further information

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