Dr. Alexandros Psychogios is in Bahrain to deliver the ‘Human Resource Management’ module for the Hull MBA intake 35 students

HRM module 25.05.16

The distinctive features are:

It locates the discipline of human resource management in a philosophical, theoretical and vocational context.

It considers critically a range of key practices in the field of HRM and contextualises these within wider economic and social circumstances.

It enables the students to develop key interpersonal skills inherent in the practice of HRM, e.g. team-working, negotiation.

His specialization is on Organisational Behaviour, Leadership & Complexity, Human Resources Management and International Human Resource Management, and Total Quality Management. His publication record focuses on a variety of OB/HR issues in different, but rather challenging, contexts like economies in transition, SMEs in crisis, the public sector, etc. Dr. Psychogios has published several articles in journals like the International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Human Resource Management, Emergence: Complexity & Organisation, TQM & Business Excellence, Employee Relations, the International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, etc.

Dr. Psychogios has a wide-range experience of participating in various consultancy and research projects on issues like leadership, human resource management, total quality management, performance management and reward systems. He participated in many professional training courses offered in both private and public organisations. Moreover, he has been invited in many professional and academic conferences as an expert speaker on issues like leadership, complexity, and performance management.

Prior to his current position, he was a Senior Lecturer and Research Director in the Department of Business Administration& Economics in City College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield. He was also a Research Track Leader (Enterprise, Innovation and Regional Development) of South Eastern European Research Centre (SEERC). Furthermore, he was adjunct lecturer at the Hellenic Open University and an Instructor in The Greek National School of Public Administration.


Dr. Psychogios’ research interests can be grouped in three pillars:

  1. Organisational Dynamics & Leadership

Change Dynamics; Organisational Routines; Complexity leadership; Temporary Organising; Ageing, Generations & Organisations; Crisis & Organisational Practices; Trust & Crisis; Sense Making & Crisis.

  1. International Human Resource Management& Employee Relations

HR/ER Practices in Emerging Economies; Expatriates Management; Extreme Working Conditions; HRM in SMEs

  1. Management & Performance Practices

Quality Management & Organizational/National Culture; Application of Lean Six Sigma; Performance & Reward Systems; Application of Management Practices in Public Sector

1.    Teaching sessions

Wednesday 25th of May, ’16

14:00 – 22:00

Introduction to the module and assessment

Nature & Context of HRM

Paradigms of HRM

Strategic Human Resource Management

Thursday 26th of May, ’16

11:00 – 19:00

Staffing the Organisation

Performance Management

Reward Management

Friday 27th of May, ’16

09:00 – 19:00

Human Resource Development

Conflict & Communication

The Dark Side of HRM: Downsizing

Saturday 28th of May, ’16

09:00 – 19:00

Employment Relations

International HRM

IHRM Case Study

Conclusion, tutorials,  and assignment advice

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