HRM 10th-13th Dec 2014 (B31)


The University of Hull MBA students in Bahrain for the B32 intake (and locally supported by MDCI) will be having their next module (HRM) between the 10th - 13th December and the lecturer will be Dr. Andrew Taylor from the University of Hull Business School.


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Dr. Andrew Taylor

Andrew has nineteen years of business experience across Europe & N. America, as a headhunter, management consultant and for the last thirteen years as a learning facilitator. He has a Ph.D. in property rights and environmental conflict from the University of Cardiff, Wales.

Andrew has worked across Europe and Canada for a wide range of multinational clients such as Coca-Cola, Holcim, AIG, PwC, GSK, Deloitte, Orange, Volksbank, ING, Vodafone and many more. The founder of Connect CEE (consulting). And Endike Associates (executive search), he has also written widely for current affairs magazines, academic journals and recently published his first book (see below).

An accomplished public speaker, Andrew is skilled at working an audience to ensure that events are exciting, fun and deliver real learning value. Whilst his training as a researcher allows him to quickly identify the key trends that are affecting organisational success. A natural leader, Andrew is able to mobilise support for and deliver organisational changes which are difficult and not always comfortable for those involved. He has no client that has not returned to him for
repeat business.

Since 2000 he has delivered achievements such as:
 Designed and delivered programme that delivered 700% team performance improvement over one year (using clients KPI’s) for IKEA.
 A project which he designed and delivered, bringing managers and street children together, was awarded best HR project and most innovative business project in the world (2006) by GSK.
 Advised the global Board of Avon on the organisational culture aspects of a major environmental change initiative.
 Advised Ipsos on all the cultural aspects of a global merger of their on-line business. The CEO described my contribution as “remarkable”.
 Built a loyal multinational client base and worked all over the world from a baseline of zero.
 Developed a model of diversity devlopment for Microsoft that has been adopted as global best practice.
 Currently project managing the formation of an international business school for a top 3 Romanian University.
 Principal author (co-authored) of book: Taking Care Of Business: Innovation, Ethics & Sustainability (Cluj-Napoca, Romania, RoPrint 2013).

Most clients associate Andrew with using a charismatic and inspirational style of leadership/facilitation that is demanding truthful and highly motivational. As such, he has a track record of improving bottom line performance by getting people to think beyond the bottom line, by focusing upon intrinsic motivation.


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Wednesday:  10th December 2014         2pm – 10pm
Thursday:     11th December 2014         2pm – 10pm
Friday:          12th December 2014         9am – 7pm
Saturday:      13th December 2014         9 am – 7 pm


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Things to Remember

  • Assignment questions must always be attached to your assignment.  Remember to write your name, enrollment number on the course work assignment sheet.
  • Delay submission of assignment or failure to sit the exam has to be informed in prior.
  • Applicable only for mitigating circumstances. Code 200 or failure would be declared in any other case except the above.
  • Tutor name should be clearly written on the course work assignment sheet along with the assignment title.
  • Enrollment number and MDCI number should always be indicated in all your communication.
  • Library- Ref books are available but a limited number please return them within 10 days to enable your fellow students to read them.
  • Fees: please ensure that you pay your fees in advance.  Please note that the University has a strict rules and regulations concerning the payment of instalments.
  • Please fill out the course Evaluation sheets at the end of the module.  These will be distributed by your class representative and should be returned to him.

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