The Triple Bottom Line – Making Sustainability Pay

The Triple Bottom Line – Making Sustainability Pay

The Triple Bottom Line – Making Sustainability Pay

Many businesses think sustainable investment will be an added on-cost to any organisation.  Not only that, but the investment is seen as primarily a public relations gesture, rather than an effort to create added value and long term wealth generation.

John Munro's talk will focus on the ways in which companies and public sector organisations can actually become more financially robust as a result of investing in sustainable business practices.

The process is not designed to produce short term gains, though these certainly occur as a matter of course. The strategic gains are there to be harvested but it takes a combination of innovation, persistence and entrepreneurial flair to make it so. John will examine a number of case studies.

He will also show you how your organisation can jump on the Sustainability Bandwagon.

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About the speaker: Mr John Munro, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation

John teaches Marketing, International Business, Sustainable Business, Entrepreneurship and Managing Innovation on the MSc and MBA Programmes both at the Hull Campus and abroad.

John is particularly interested in the psychology of sustainable development. He is also keen to investigate the realm of cultural marketing; how effectively do governments and quangos mould public opinion?

He is currently contracted to provide Marketing Consultancy for Eltherington Aluminium in Hull.

The Feed Your Mind (FYM) series aims to provide continuing development for busy professionals by way of:

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Thursday 4th April, 11am to 1pm at the Diplomat Radisson Blu, Bahrain

The event is free to attend but you must book in advance.

To book your place contact:

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