International Negotiating in Today’s Business Community

International Negotiating in Today’s Business Community

International Negotiating in Today’s Business Community

With a specialist in Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

At the Intercontinental Hotel in Muscat on Thursday 3rd March 10:30am-1:30pm

 It is generally recognised that trade is international and companies in countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia operate in an international market place. One of the key “languages” in that market place is “negotiating”. The word originated in the ancient Greek term for business and the process is truly ubiquitous. This workshop will identify the key elements of effective international negotiating. It will comment on best-practice research findings from around the world and will also consider the real and practical issues inherent in cultural and language differences.

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About the Speaker

This informative and important workshop will be delivered by Dr. David Bright, one of the UK’s leading and experienced commentators and participants in the field of “industrial relations”. Dr. Bright is Head of the Hull University Business School’s Department of Organisational Behaviour, he runs his own HR Training and Consultancy company, he is National Arbitrator and sits as a member of the UK’s Employment Tribunals.

What is FYM?

Continuing development for busy professionals, but by invitation only, so call us to reserve your place:

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When and where

Thursday 3rd March, 10:30am to 1:30pm, with lunch, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat.
Sponsors: Intercontinental Hotel Muscat and MDCI

MDCI will hold the “Feed Your Mind Talks” every six to eight weeks with a number of top business experts lined up to deliver talks.

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