Financial innovation and banking risks with Dr Alper Kara (Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance)

Financial innovation and banking risks with Dr Alper Kara (Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance)

Financial innovation and banking risks with Dr Alper Kara (Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance)


Hull University Business School

22nd November 2012 from 11.00 to 13.00 in the Synicate Room at the Diplomat
Blu Radisson Hotel, Bahrain

In the wake of the largest economic crisis in recent times many causes have been proposed for the turmoil. At the centre of the argument is global banks’ excessive risk-taking behaviour, especially through abundant lending, over-leveraging and dramatic expansion of financial innovation that led to the usage of credit transfer products (such as securitisation) in the years leading up to the crisis.

This presentation will examine a type of financial innovation, securitisation, and reflect how it led to the global failure of the financial system. The focus is on the link between securitisation and lending standards. Particularly, we examine the pricing behaviour of European banks involved in the securitisation market when extending credit. We specifically test if banks active in the securitisation market price the credit risk in the syndicated loan markets more aggressively (i.e. grant credit at lower yields).

This approach gives the advantage of examining banks’ lending standards with first hand information from their primary activity of lending, taking into account bank, borrower and instrument detailed information. This should in turn give an indication of banks’ changes in risk taking appetite.

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About the speaker:  Dr Alper Kara, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Alper Kara joined Hull University Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in August 2010. He is also the MSc Programme Director and the deputy director of the Centre for Empirical Finance and Banking. Alper is also a Visiting Fellow of the School of Business and Economics – Loughborough University.

Previously, Alper worked as a lecturer at the Loughborough University’s School of Economics and Business and at the Aberdeen Business School of RGU. He has also worked as a teaching fellow at the Economics department of the University of Leicester and as a teaching assistant at the University of Wales – Bangor Business School. Alper has been a visiting lecturer at Bangor Business School and the British Kazakh Technical University of Almaty. During his PhD Alper was a warden at halls of residence for pastoral care of the students.

Before moving into academia, Alper had worked in the banking industry for four years as a manager and trader in the international bond and foreign exchange markets. His responsibilities during this period included managing fixed income trading and investment portfolios as a manager and managing FX cash flow positions and liquidity as an assistant manager.

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