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More than 2500 Gulf professionals are enjoying a significant career boost thanks to a postgraduate programme which effectively brings top UK universities to the region.

MDCI’s regional hub of Bahrain delivers the Postgraduate programmes which allow professionals to continue with their job while studying for their prestigious qualifications.

Currently, there are over two hundred students studying with British Universities all supported locally by MDCI. Their courses are identical to those campus-based students in the UK with assignments and examinations set in accordance with University Assessment standards.

Doctoral students enjoy a high level of expert support to guide them through their research studies, while many successful students travel to their UK University for the Degree Awards Ceremony.

MDCI helps people gain knowledge to further a students career whilst still working.

Our established offices in the Middle East are a perfect base for Universities and learning establishments to launch a long term presence in the region.

MDCI offers candidates and learning establishments a total solution providing; a local presence, representation and on the ground support.

MDCI Overview

  • 25 years of experience working in the Middle East
  • More than 2500 graduates
  • 200 plus,  students currently studying and locally supported by MDCI
  • Know the lay of the land with regarding to local cultures, customs and practices
  • Providing a professional and local presence
  • High success rates and completion rates for students

Executive development and tailored programmes

The MDCI suite of courses incorporates the latest academic thinking and its application to organisational performance and has been designed to reflect the specific culture of the host country. The programmes are delivered for pretty much all the public, private and not for profit disciplines and perfect for all types of organizations and specifically designed for ambitious managers and executives.

Our training programmes develop the knowledge and skills base of today’s executives and managers and help students apply ideas and concepts to real organisational issues, problems and visions. The programmes are delivered by a very experienced team of UK nationals, all of whom have considerable experience of the world of Executive education in different national settings.

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Other services provide by MDCI include: Educational consultancy, exam / test invigilation management, management consultancy.

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