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Why MDCI for exam management?

If you are experiencing problems with your current exam invigilators, or you are just considering offering your distance learning programmes in London or the UK, then MDCI’s exam invigilation service can help.

It’s important for you to know that your exam invigilation will be carried out professionally and with a high degree of examination security to prevent exam cheating and examinee misbehaviour.

Confidentiality and the security of examination scripts is vital, as is the knowledge that completed exam papers will be logged and dispatched promptly for your marking.

We have been helping universities outside the UK manage their distance learning students in London for nearly 10 years. Currently we look after more than 5000 students per year for overseas universities and colleges.

Examination invigilation services (exclusive)

We will locate a suitable venue and book it to coincide with your exam timetable.  Invigilators will be dedicated to your exams and briefed in any of your special requirements.

Student support and logistics

We will supply a drop-off and collection point for all your students in London.  This means you save huge amounts on individual deliveries, and your students gain from agglomerated returns of assignments etc to you.  The package can also involve revision classes conducted by tutors whom we source in London, and tutorial support if you require it .

Examination invigilation services (syndicated)  

Your students join others from different institutions at a set time and place that we have already booked.  This is useful if you have just a few students and can set specific exams for them.

Exam centres in London are obviously the most demanding to organise, but you may need examination rooms in Wales, Scotland or the north of England, and we can organise invigilation in suitable premises for your institution.

How can MDCI offer a better exam invigilation service than you may be receiving at the moment?

  • Because it’s our main business in China, London
  • It’s not just an annoying sideline to other activities
  • We have been arranging exam invigilation successfully for nearly 15 years
  • We have teams of trained invigilators
  • Our quality control systems have been vetted by UNISA (The world’s oldest distance learning university)
  • We have arrangements with several suitable venues
  • We could extend the centre coverage to other parts of the UK


Please contact us if you require invigilation and exam management.


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