Exam invigilation and test (proctoring) services

Exam management and invigilation services that passes with flying colours in Central London, UK

We offer the perfect solution for the time when long distance learning requires close personal scrutiny – during examinations.

Can you guarantee examinations will be overseen by qualified adjudicators?

Yes, we offer a UK based examination “set-up and surveillance” service in Wales, Scotland, North of England and London. Exams are carried out professionally, with a high degree of examination security to prevent cheating or distracting behavior. Confidentiality, combined with the security of examination papers is vital; consequently, completed exam papers will be logged and dispatched promptly for your marking.

Which has a successful track history because:

  • It’s our main business in central London
  • We have been arranging exam invigilation successfully for nearly 15 years
  • We have teams of trained invigilators
  • Our quality control systems have been vetted by UNISA (The world’s oldest distance learning university)
  • We have arrangements with several suitable venues
  • We can extend the centre coverage to other parts of the UK

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For more information on MDCI’s invigilation and test management services click on Ask us or call us on: +44 (0)20869 35992


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