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What do you offer that we can’t do ourselves?

MDCI has a team of experienced business-related staff, all of whom have considerable experience of designing and delivering Educational programmes around the world in countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Sudan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and most of Europe.

In addition, the MDCI team have significant experience of the world of business encompassing diverse industries such as auto manufacture, food and beverage provision, engineering and finance.

MDCI makes it a priority to offer a bespoke solution for each client, as well as more general provision in programmes such as a Master’s Degree. There are five key areas in which we may be able to help, namely;

[toggle] [to-item title=”1. The Framework for Excellence – Driving Distinctive Performance”] [button text=”Download the article” href=”1. The Framework for Excellence – Driving Distinctive Performance (MDCI)“]

You cannot have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.

The factors that made us successful in the past will not necessary be the same tomorrow

A Framework for Creating a Culture of Sustainable Excellence

The European Excellence Model was developed in the 1980s by a consortium of major Western European employers to accelerate and enhance the global competitiveness of Western Europe. It provided a framework to reflect best practice within organisations in all sectors, to drive and measure sustainable superior performance and create a vision of what a world-class organisation would be achieving into the future.


[to-item title=”2. Higher Education Services”] Designing undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (e.g. Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership, Change Management and Entrepreneurship programmes)



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      • Designing MBA degrees
      • Designing PhD and DBA programmes
      • Mini MBA programme
      • MBA Top-Up programme
      • Carrying out students satisfaction surveys

[/to-item] [to-item title=”3. Training Academic Heads and Mangers in Higher Education institutions”] 

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      • Carrying out skills audits in H.E. Institutions
      • Designing HR policies and procedures, such as Appraisal, Disciplinary and Grievance, Reward Systems
      • Recruiting Academic Faculty members
      • Recruiting other staff e.g. EFL teachers
      • Developing an Executive Education suite of programmes
      • Carrying out Employee Attitude Survey

[/to-item] [to-item title=”4. Human Resources Consultancy Services”]  [button text=”READ MORE” href=””]

      • Designing HR procedures and policies
      • Advising on recruitment practices
      • Advising on the management of staff
      • HR training e.g. how to handle Appraisal meetings

[/to-item] [to-item title=”5. General Consultancy Services”] [button text=”READ MORE” href=””]

      • Quality Assurance and Quality Assessments
      • Designing the Distinctive Organisation content

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