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The Management Development Centre International (MDCI) works in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa providing logistical, administration and marketing support for postgraduate academic programmes on behalf of a number of United Kingdom universities.


MDCI has a British head office and a GCC regional operation in Bahrain also provides executive development programmes and tailored programmes.

In thirty years of providing executive programmes MDCI has helped two and half thousand Gulf based professionals to enhance their careers with academic qualifications recognised worldwide, and has helped to introduce the latest business thinking and skills to the Gulf.

A key element of the MDCI’s programmes is that UK based lecturers fly to the Gulf to deliver their modules allowing the local professionals to continue their careers while studying for their Masters degree (MBA) or Doctorate (DBA) qualification.

The Masterclass training programmes help people with an MBA or the like keep up to date and for those without higher level business qualifications to develop the wide range of knowledge and skills needed by today’s executives and managers.

They are challenged to apply ideas and concepts to real organisational issues, problems and visions. The programmes are delivered by a very experienced team of UK nationals, all of whom have considerable experience of the world of University Business School and Executive education in different national settings.

The training programmes develop the knowledge and skills base of today’s executives and managers and help students apply ideas and concepts to real organisational issues, problems and visions. The programmes are delivered by a very experienced team of UK nationals, all of whom have considerable experience of the world of Executive education in different national settings.


Executive Model

“The model,” is a term referring to the time served method of delivering UK university postgraduate programmes, on a part-time basis to busy executives. It provides the local executive student with the same learning experience as they would enjoy on similar part time programmes, at the university campus.

In general students are mature executives normally with significant industry experience.  The average age of current MDCI students is 35 and most have in excess of 8 years relevant experience.

The university partner provides the identical academic components of the programme, including teaching that students enjoy on campus. MDCI provides the local support for both university and student.

The Managing Director is Robert L F Rice has lived and worked in the Middle East and Africa for around 35 years. In 2009 he was identified as one of the leaders in executive education in the MENA countries by the Middle East Economic Digest.

MDCI relies on information technology and human interface to achieve its high level of student support and ensure maintenance of University operating procedures.

Students and their sponsor organisations appreciate the executive model of delivery for a number of reasons, notably:

  • Busy executives are not removed from their work for extended periods
  • Students have no difficulties in acclimatising to foreign cultures
  • Programmes integrate student’s life and work experience with latest academic thinking
  • Organisations benefit from students applying their knowledge into the work environment on an iterative basis
  • Students’ knowledge is reinforced by adding the new academic knowledge to their existing experience – an important educational concept in itself
  • The entire package including materials is delivered to the student in Bahrain, this releasing them for example from time wasted finding text books
  • Additionally, the fees for the programme mirror the UK fees but without costly accommodation, subsistence and travel costs
  • Organisations appreciate retaining their employees during the study period and often benefit from the immediate application of new thinking

Other services provide by MDCI include: Educational consultancy, exam invigilation and management, management consultancy.

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